Gay for Taeyeon, cause this bish- look at her, look at hurrrr щ(ಥДಥщ)

- 90% crying over SNSD
- 10% crying over other bias/things: EXO, Infinite, Yunho, Krystal, Seo In Guk, asian food, scenery, etc. (Ask for tags if youre interested)
- 100% crying blog
Semi Hiatus
Hi do you know what amusement park TTS went to?

I actually dont really know since I havent watched it, sry ~-~

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from dorks to models

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When Taeyeon sings, she pours her every emotion into each song she sings. It’s like she blocks off everything else going on and sings her heart and soul out. You can tell she’s passionate about singing by the look in her eyes. She doesn’t care at all about her face looking attractive, she just wants to hit the notes properly and feel proud about herself. Taeyeon molds herself into the music. This is what makes Taeyeon one of the best vocalists in the world to me

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Taeyeon searching for candies and.. what she find? .. Jessica /o/

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Happy 7th anniversary! Right now It’s GG, Forever GG!

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Taeyeon’s cute self-cam

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jessica’s fashion tip (sneaking in some blanc promotion)

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