Gay for Taeyeon, cause this bish- look at her, look at hurrrr щ(ಥДಥщ)

- 90% crying over SNSD
- 10% crying over other bias/things: EXO, Infinite, Yunho, Krystal, Seo In Guk, asian food, scenery, etc. (Ask for tags if youre interested)
- 100% crying blog
Semi Hiatus

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my girlfriend just woke up from a nap and the first thing she said was “i forgot i still have chicken nuggets” and ate cold nuggets and went back to sleep and i don’t think i’ve ever loved someone this much

SM pls just give her a solo song she wants it so bad :’(

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140312 SNSD @ Radio Star: taeyeon’s moment.

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hyoyeon → the boys era requested by sang-hyuk

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Happy Birthday Sunny!

You have always been the childlike happy pill of this group, and yet you’re still mature and speak smartly. Thank you for making me laugh and die from your cringe-worthy yet adorable aeygo. Your love for your members and your passion is inspiring but I hope you know that its okay to have bad days and not smile all the time. I really hope you haven’t been drinking as much and you’re taking care of yourself. I love you a lot and please always remember that SONEs and everyone who loves you will always be here to support you.

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This midget is so cute.

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