Gay for Taeyeon, cause this bish- look at her, look at hurrrr щ(ಥДಥщ)

- 90% crying over SNSD
- 10% crying over other bias/things: EXO, Infinite, Yunho, Krystal, Seo In Guk, asian food, scenery, etc. (Ask for tags if youre interested)
- 100% crying blog
Semi Hiatus

Taeyeon to S♡NE. Never forget.

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"Everyone knows pain. We are not meant to carry it forever. We were never meant to hold it so closely, so be certain in the belief that what pain belongs to now will belong soon to then" 

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Do you hear my heart crying?

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79/100 of taeyeon ruining my life

79/100 of taeyeon ruining my life




The whole world of SM is slowly imploding on itself. where the fuck is Heechul to save us? 

Cosplaying Anna somewhere

Heechul be like “LET IT GO! LET IT GO!”

>Lets go JYJ<

>Lets go Hangeng<

>Lets go Jessica<

5/ favorite taeny moments

how snsd answers questions part 1/?

Jessica experiencing high tide while writing “소녀시대” in the sand.

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we are one

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